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Delivery of products is carried out by road or rail transport to all regions and cities of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union.

The Food Technologies company

Our company specialize in supplying of complete blow molding machines and spare parts. Besides we offer conveyor systems, roller conveyor, conveyors for ready packages (PET bottles and glass bottles), reductors, electro motors, fans different capacity.


Automatic machines for the production of PET bottles

The model range of machines for blowing bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate exceeds the products of famous foreign companies in a number of parameters. The speed of operation of the most productive PET container blowing machines has reached 12 000 bph or 1500 – 1800 finished products from one cavity. Such performance is achieved by improving the control electronic modules and ensuring high accuracy and speed of operation of pneumatic systems.

А-12000-7 — Автомат выдува ПЭТ бутылок
А-8000-5 — Автомат выдува ПЭТ бутылок
А-6000-4 — Автомат выдува ПЭТ тары
А-4000-3 — Автомат выдува ПЭТ тары

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An important characteristic of machines for the production of PET containers is the range of sizes, and according to this indicator, our equipment fully covers the needs of the market. Customers can select and purchase blow molding machines that work with containers with a volume of 0.25 to 30 liters or more.

А-4000-2 — Автомат выдува ПЭТ бутылок
 А-3000-3/3 — Автомат для производства ПЭТ бутылок
А-1000-5М — Автомат производства ПЭТ бутылок
А-1000-5У — Автомат выдува ПЭТ тары